Fees for psychological counselling services are guided by recommendations from the Australian Psychological Society (APS), and vary from time to time. The current recommended fee for psychological counselling is $238 per consultation. We charge considerably below this guideline.

Our rates vary according to service type, length and time of day. Bulk-billing is available during certain times and is reserved for pensioners, the unemployed or clients with provable financial hardship. Please contact Beatrijs to discuss your particular situation.


Medicare offers five programs under which eligible clients can claim back intervention and assessment fees:
  1. The Mental Health Care Program (referral needed from your GP)
  2. Chronic Disease Management Initiative (referral needed from your GP)
  3. Helping Children with Autism (referral needed from Paediatrician or Psychiatrist)
  4. Better Start for Children with a Disability (referral needed from Paediatrician or Psychiatrist)
  5. Pregnancy Support Counselling (referral needed from your GP)

Private Health Insurance Funds

Most private health insurance funds offer rebates on psychological services depending on your level of coverage. To claim a rebate, you will need to be covered by ancillary benefits insurance (extras table). You are only able to claim either a medicare OR a health fund rebate for each session. Contact your fund to find out your level of cover.

ATAPS Child Mental Health Services

The ATAPS CMHS is primarily designed for children under 12 years of age who have, or are at risk of developing, a mild to moderate mental, childhood behavioural or emotional disorder, and who could benefit from short term focussed psychological strategies services.

To access this service a referral from your GP is required.

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